Branding & Promoting A Taste of Hudson

We have the pleasure of partnering with multiple organizations to advance their goals and most recently partnered with the Rotary Clubs of Hudson. The two local clubs were launching a new fundraising effort, a food and drink festival that would showcase many of our local establishments. Knowing how phenomenal our local fare is, we were on board.

The first goal for this project was branding the event, which began in the fall of 2018. The audience was going to be a unique combination of local Rotarians who would support the event, the local community who would be interested in the offerings, and a larger east metro audience we hoped to draw into the community by just how cool this event was going to be.

Once the event was branded, we provided the Rotary clubs two sets of packets to communicate with both the event sponsors and event vendors. The committees wrote a comprehensive game plan on what was needed and what a partnership looked like. The biggest takeaway within the packets was that the proceeds would help multiple local organizations. The Rotary Clubs of Hudson have historically raised and given over $1 million to groups in the Hudson area. The response was strong and built up the beginning of 2019.

taste of hudson material mockup

By mid-March 2019 we began to roll out our consumer-facing efforts. Our team built out an Eventbrite page as well as a Facebook Event page to sell early bird tickets. Only 500 tickets would be sold for the inaugural year to allow the group to produce a good event for attendees and learn from the experience for following years. The event was scheduled for mid-May and the mid-March lead time was long enough to allow for ongoing marketing efforts.

Our studio began the true external push to sell tickets through Facebook at the beginning of April, and it didn’t take long to see people were excited about this event. By April 11th all 500 tickets were sold out with the help of promoting group sales and communicating the diminishing quantity. The Facebook event page had built up to thousands of people being interested prior to any branded campaign posts so by posting updates in the event feed, the response was fairly instantaneous. We did have to change the name of the event to SOLD OUT – A Taste of Hudson because the event was continuing to get shared even without any tickets available.

taste of hudson social mockup

With all tickets sold we focused on the event materials needed. Our studio designed a series of tent signs that could be used year after year, along with fence signage, lanyards for volunteers and press, and a program that introduced Rotary and the goals of the event.

Overall, the project was very successful for our studio and for the Rotary Clubs of Hudson. We’d like to thank the committee we worked with that put their trust in our team. Committee-based projects have the potential of too many cooks, and in this instance, it couldn’t be further from the truth. We were provided the vision and the goals from the group, and we built a solution that would get Rotary where they wanted to be. This event has the potential to be a wonderful local event for years to come as well as a fantastic fundraiser for our community. It completely aligns with our goal to create a positive impact through our work.

It should be noted it’s not easy to recreate this campaign unless you are offering copious amounts of beer, wine, tasty treats and live music to your audience. But you can try!

taste of hudson signage mockup