Welcome, Kim!

Kim is a Wisconsin native and came to us this spring ready to hit the ground running! Her positive personality is an excellent addition to our team, and we love that she has a range of experience both in-house and agency side. Having previously lived in Texas, we’re hoping she can show us a thing or two about BBQ and chicken fried steak!

Get to Know Our Newest Project Manager


What drew you to CC?
I was drawn to the quaint, family feel of the office during my interview, as well as the clients that Christiansen Creative would allow me to work with (local and non-profit clients). Being a resident of Hudson, it is important for me to be more involved in the community and working with CC allows me the opportunity to make that happen and feel like I’m making an important impact at the same time. 

Now that you’ve been working here about a month, what is one thing that surprised you?
One thing that surprised me is how closely-knit Tricia is with all of the CC clients. I’m blown away by the passion she has, and it’s very inspiring to work in an environment that cares deeply about each and every client.  

Having worked both in-house and agency side, what’s one of the biggest differences you’ve noticed?
One of the biggest differences is the flexibility to push the envelope. On the agency side, the creative mentality and thinking outside the box is encouraged; whereas working in-house, especially within a corporation, there are many hoops to go through in order to let creativity come to life. 

How do you like to spend your time when you’re not working?
I enjoy spending time with my family, golfing, and going out to eat. We like to go hiking, camping, taking our kids to the playground and simply watching them learn and grow.  

What’s your favorite kind of CHEESE?
Baked Brie (cheese is not my favorite though, unlike a true Sconnie!)