Farewell to Krista Mathes, our Summer Studio Intern

This year we tried something new and hired a studio intern for the summer. The idea was that the internship would focus on basic studio/office support, but geared towards a younger student who would appreciate the exposure to our studio environment. We’re happy to say, that with Krista Mathes, this was a huge success!

Krista is wrapping up her Christiansen Creative internship and returning to the University of Minnesota Duluth as a Junior in the graphic design program. These past few months, Krista greeted everyone at the front desk, helped with filing, answering phones, and photographing CC projects.

Krista learned a lot about studio roles and even more about our culture. “One thing I learned at CC that I never thought I would learn is that team building is an important part of a business and can really help to connect coworkers and help a company grow. It makes a bigger difference than I would have thought,” said Krista. Over the summer, Krista had the opportunity to join the team on a river kayak trip down the Kinnikinnic River. She was a natural, with a history of outdoor interests from rock climbing to snow boarding.

In addition to team building events, Krista also said that a positive attitude can make a big difference within a work environment. “I think I will remember the positive environment of CC the most overall. Between CC and the clients and even just in the studio, everyone is always positive and understanding. When an issue arises with a project no one got upset; they kept positive attitudes and solved the problem. It is definately something I will carry with me whether in school or in a future job,” said Mathes. “It has helped me to see that it is possible to solve any issue while keeping a positive attitude, which helps to make the process smooth and less stressful.”

“A positive attitude comes a bit easier when you work with such great people,” Krista concluded. She was always engaging with the team and eager to dive into new tasks. “What surprised me was how well everyone got along and how close everyone was. I have never had a job where everyone gets along so well together,” commented Krista. “I thought that was really awesome.”

The team at Christiansen Creative wishes Krista a great 2017/2018 school year and best of luck in her future endeavors. She is one cool lady!