CC Recognized in 2018 American Web Design Awards

Bellis is in full bloom as a winning entry for the 2018 GDUSA American Web Design Awards! With nearly 1,500 entries this year, a selective 15 percent were recognized as winners across categories including web design, interactive design, and UX design. We are honored to have had the opportunity to design and develop a new website for this amazing organization and our pro bono partner for more than a decade.

About the Bellis Website Redesign

Like any website, a redesign is sometimes needed to address changes in the organization or to enhance engagement. For the Bellis website, it was both. The organization had gone through an extensive rebrand including a new name and some specific key messages that needed to be communicated through the website. In addition, we wanted to make it easier to engage with Bellis, either as a volunteer, a donor, or a host that could utilize a Bellis presentation. Above and beyond these goals, we also wanted to make it easier for our client to have more control so they felt confident they could update the website on their own.

See the live site at



About Bellis

Founded in 1983, Bellis is a multi-service nonprofit with no political or religious affiliations or agenda. Its volunteers, including birth parents, adopted persons, adoptive parents, and adoption social workers, bring adoption education and awareness into schools and communities. The organization also provides peer-based support services, including a healing weekend retreat specifically for birth mothers, as well as ongoing Adoption Connection gatherings for anyone with an adoption experience. Individuals and organizations in more than 50 Minnesota communities rely on Bellis, and its footprint has crossed the border into the St. Croix River Valley.