A Call for Proposals from St. Croix Valley Nonprofit Organizations

As a creative partner for several organizations, Christiansen Creative recognizes the challenges of standing out and being heard. The graphic design studio is located in historic Hudson, Wisconsin, and has recently evolved its 15-year summer design internship to focus primarily on an area nonprofit project. Interns will be selected from an area college and must showcase superior graphic design work and exceptional communication skills. In addition, our studio hopes to identify an intern who has a proven desire to create a positive impact in our local community.

All St. Croix River Valley organizations registered as a 501c3 are invited to submit their proposal request for creative services for the 2018 CC SCOUT Program. Applications are available online at Think-CC.com/Community and are due April 16, 2018. The studio will reach out for any clarifications by the end of April and select a recipient by May 7, 2018. 

Our selected intern will be paired with permanent members of the CC team, such as a Project Manager, Creative Director, and Proofreader to guide the intern throughout the process of completing the selected project. The selected organization will work with a client contact and the Scout will execute the proposed work defined in the proposal.

Proposed project parameters:

  • Projects begin the first week of June 2018 and end by mid-August

  • Scout hours will cap at 15 hours a week for a total of 150 hours of work

  • Internal team hours will cap at 5 hours a week for a total of 50 hours of work

  • Any external costs must be covered by the nonprofit such as printing, shipping, hosting fees

Ideas for projects that fall within these parameters:

  • Social media campaign to deploy fall/winter 2018

  • Identity materials for a newer organization

  • Marketing materials such as brochures or PowerPoints

Any questions about the application can be emailed to Rachel LaVoie at Rachel.L@Think-CC.com. No phone calls, please.