Farewell to Vanessa, our Summer Design Intern

Summer at Christiansen Creative is a busy time, so we love hiring interns to help out at the studio. This summer Vanessa Berglund was our graphic design intern and we’re sure glad she was able to be a part of our little bee hive.

Vanessa spent most of her time at CC working on small scale design projects and growing her confidence as a designer. “I was kind of surprised by how much I improved as a designer. Using the Adobe programs every day made me that much more confident and taught me to use the software faster,” said Berglund. Her favorite project was working on the branding for our new community focused internship program CC Scouts, launching sometime in the coming year.

In addition to sharpening her design execution skills, Vanessa was also exposed to the culture of a small studio, which we always take pride in. “I’ll probably remember how much I enjoyed working in a smaller studio. Prior to my internship, I was on the fence as to whether I thought I’d want to work in a larger agency or smaller studio after I graduate. I felt that a smaller studio might be a better fit, and I feel that this internship confirmed it,” said Berglund.

This fall she will be back at the University of Minnesota as a senior finishing up her degree in graphic design. We wish you all the best, Vanessa!