Recent Campaign Urges Minnesota To Be More For Its Students

This past spring, we partnered with Minnesota Reading Corps and Math Corps to create a dynamic campaign to improve tutor recruitment efforts across the state of Minnesota. Recruitment campaigns are an annual effort for the organization. The goal with this partnership was to infuse some energy into the messages and connect with untapped audiences.

AIGA_DESIGNSHOW_ChristiansenCreative_Reading and Math_1.png

The client shared with the design studio that thousands of kids in Minnesota struggle in reading and math every year. Research points to more positive outcomes for these students when the tutor programs are in place. But the key is to recruit the tutors, which is a position that exists somewhere between a volunteer position and a paid position. The strategy for attracting the tutors was layered:

·      Grab attention and engage the audiences through the initial Be More messaging and visuals

·      Be consistent in tone within the INDEED job postings

·      Create campaign landing pages with high-level messaging

·      Position compensation as perk packages to clarify what tutors receive

·      Drive all interested parties into the application system that defines expectations and next steps

One way the team maximized the campaign budget was to leverage existing photography. We adjusted selected photos to black and white, colorizing only the polo shirts that connect the tutors to their program. This focused the attention on the tutors and helped candidates envision the role they could have within the schools.

Deployment of the campaign focused on two main efforts:

Site-based Recruitment

Kits were created and mailed to schools with materials such as posters, handouts, and branded promotional items to make the recruitment effort as seamless as possible. An accompanying landing page was launched with additional information and an online digital toolkit. The digital toolkit provided assets to support their email communications, web posting, social media efforts and more.

 Digital Marketing Campaign

The primary digital campaign components included campaign posts for both social media and Google display ads targeting areas with the highest need for tutors. In addition to these assets, the digital materials also included career postings and email templates for continued recruitment efforts.

Reading and Math mobile mockup.jpg

Under the Be More campaign, Minnesota Reading Corps and Math Corps hope to recruit 1,700 new tutors for this upcoming 2019/2020 school year. Thousands of applicants are needed to achieve this goal, and the Be More campaign is only a piece of the recruitment puzzle.

Minnesota Reading Corps and Minnesota Math Corps are programs under ServeMinnesota. They combine the people power of AmeriCorps and evidence-based learning to help young students succeed. For more information visit